MP3 music downloads at eMusicI like the idea of DRM-free music a lot. I truly don’t mind paying for music; I just want to be able to move it to new PCs or listen to it in the car or whatever. eMusic offers this, I signed up for an account this morning. I don’t like their subscription model at all. $9.99 per month for 30 songs is fine in terms of price, but I don’t necessarily want to pay a subscription. Why not adopt the iTunes model and go with $.99 per song? Some months I may not download music, some months I may go over 30 songs.I will update this along with the stuff I am downloading. One of the issues is their catalog is listed at 2,000,000 songs which seems like a lot right up until you cannot download something you reall want. Hopefully the KEXP artists I tend to like are on eMusic.