Scandinavian Airlines Day 21: Tallin

Scandinavian Airlines

Why you ask does SAS insist on sending me to the Baltics? I would have had trouble recalling where Tallin is (in fact I still have a 50/50 shot at Estonia or Lithuania here) but Riga came up earlier this month. I don’t want to go anywhere near there at the moment. I also am using a dial-up connection still so there is no way I am waiting for the Wikipedia article to load on Tallin. Needless to say we will not be rushing out and buying these tickets.So with Paris gone and Milan gone, what am I hoping for in the remaining three days? Well one year SAS opened up all of the previous fare-specials on the final day. But since I don’t truly want to go anywhere offered so far that makes it tough. Rome would be a hard one to pass up, as would anywhere in the south of Italy. Barcelona might be tempting as it has to be nicer there this time of year than it is here. The kids might like a trip to the beach.