SAS Christmas Calendar 2006 Day 20: Gdansk

SAS Christmas Calendar 2006

Not quite sure where Gdansk is. I would look this up and find interesting facts but due to the storm last week we are still without a decent internet connection. I have my mobile phone hooked up to my laptop and it gets, in theory, a 230.4 kbps connection. Of course it really gets nothing of the kind for web use. It feels like an old 28.8 dial-up connection. There is just something about the latency…But I’m not really complaining… there are still people around here without power. Several people in the region have died from carbon monoxide poisoning while running generators or barbecues indoors. We had friends stay over the other night, hopefully they have power now and can do simple things like turn lights on.The loss of electrical power was humbling to say the least. The cold gets to you. Not that it was all that cold thankfully, indoors the house never dropped below 40 degrees. But no matter how warmly you dress, it sort of seeps into your body and you just never get warm. And that is after 36 hours. I wondered how this would feel if this were ones entire life?We had the blessing of gas running the water heater so we could shower. Others weren’t that lucky. We’re also considering a gas stove now, at least we could cook inside. I don’t mind grilling food outside from time to time in the winter but cooking eggs, toast, and coffee on the barbecue dressed in winter gear wasn’t fun. Thankfully it wasn’t raining.The weather service is predicting another storm tonight, nothing too severe. Still they are warning people that trees already damaged from the wind last week should be prepared for a little more damage hurled our way. Great.And so back to Gdansk… which I think is in Poland. Or maybe Germany. Or maybe I’m thinking of some lost history lesson of the Danzig corridor?

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