iPod headphones

iPod headphones are everywhere. Sure, that’s because everyone has an iPod. But here is the thing: these headphones really stink. They don’t fit well. The sound quality is fairly poor, or at least I get better sound out of my $13 Radio Shack headphones.What set off this rant this morning was running with my new Nano. It is deluging rain this morning so I didn’t want to use my regular carrier which is attached to my arm. I have a nice set of cheap earbuds that work well with the arm-band because the cord is very short. But today I wanted to put the iPod into a ziploc and then use a longer cord. So I grabbed the headphones which came with the iPod. At first it was just annoying how poorly they fit. But I could get used to jamming them back into my skull every few steps. But the real problem was how much ambient noise they allow! Wow, no wonder people need to crank the volume so high. The traffic volume from the road was killing me, I couldn’t hear. It got so distracting I finally shut off the Nano and ran with no music.Would it kill Apple to put in a decent set of headphones with their $250 player (and let’s face it since I seem to buy a new player every year now that really would be nice).