Scandinavian Airlines Day 11: Gothenberg

Scandinavian AirlinesUh oh… Sweden? My first thought was Germany but then somewhere a synapse fired and Sweden popped into my head.Us usual Wikipedia is coming to the rescue. Fast facts of the day for Gothenberg:

  1. Yep, it’s Sweden, whew
  2. The city’s name derives from the Geats. The same Geats as from Beowulf.
  3. It is a twin town of Bergen. This is a nice daily double as now I have an additional fact about Bergen!
  4. “…over the past decade seven of the Swedish Chef of the Year Awards have been won by Gothenburgers” Wow, you want to talk about damning with faint praise, try winning Swedish Chef of the Year.

Overall it looks like a pleasant enough city to visit but c’mon, you really need to sweeten the pot here.

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