Scandinavian Airlines Day 10: Amsterdam

Scandinavian AirlinesMany people have recommended we stop in Amsterdam at some point. The Venice of the North or something like that. We have passed through the airport there; the bathroom stalls are decorated with murals of cyclists. Very cool. On the other hand they allow (allowed?) smoking in the airport and that wasn’t pleasant. It’s truly amazing how refreshing it is smoking becoming banned in more and more places.Update: I told the boys that the SAS flight was to Amsterdam and they were completely excited. For some reason the fact that the airport, Schipol, can be pronounced as “ski pole” works them up. They argued about it for some time but overall decided that they’d love to take a vacation to the Amsterdam airport. Often you hear “world travelers” rave about what a good experience it is for kids to see more of the world. Turns out in our case our kids only really remember the airports they have been to.