Scandinavian Airlines Day 7: Bergen

Scandinavian AirlinesWell this is embarrassing. I don’t know a single fact about Bergen. Norway? A quick check on Wikipedia shows that yes, it is unofficially the capital of “West Norway”. Doesn’t exactly look like the kind of place you want to wind up in unless you are desperate to immediately board a cruise ship and see a bunch of fjords. I notice that SAS has this at $175 each way, $24 less than they had Warsaw for instance.Sheesh, when do we get to the good stuff? We definitely had 15 seconds of discussion on Prague yesterday.Update: I just read that Bergen is known as the Seattle of Europe. While that makes me want to go even less (hey, I already live in Seattle and there are Norwegians here, so I’m set, right?) it feels like such a strange sentence. Why isn’t Seattle the Bergen of America? Perhaps we need to crank up a sister-city program (any bets on whether Seattle and Bergen already are sister-cities and I’m once again completely ignorant about what I am sure is a lovely and compelling city?).