Scandinavian Airlines Day 6: Prague

Scandinavian AirlinesThe trouble is that I’ve been to Prague. Well I haven’t been to Prague been to Prague, but I’ve been to Prague. Or at least that is how I remember the quote.This is getting dangerous to my wallet. Susan definitely will be interested in Prague. I have heard wonderful things about Prague. Somehow though it’s never been on my list of places to go. I have no idea why. At least when I don’t dream of going to Africa I can say that it’s because of tsetse flies, disease, bugs, etc. But Prague? It would seem to fit in with my Euro-wannabe pretentiousness. I think it has to do with the language, sort of like Poland. I only want to travel places that speak a Romance language. That is very, very odd but so be it.But Prague looks pretty cool. But do we do it or a)be sensible and know that we cannot afford another trip this year and b)we still might get a deal to Italy or Spain?

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