IM’ing with Dave at 4 am

Okay, another in the category of things that suck… IM’ing with Dave at 4 am. Not that I mind chatting with Dave, but why are we both up and pounding on the computers at 4 in the morning. Sleep would sure be nice.

2 thoughts on “IM’ing with Dave at 4 am

  1. Heh. So I woke up at 2:00-ish, couldn’t sleep, thinking about a major software problem in one of my pet projects. So I gave up, went downstairs, poured a shot of decent scotch (Glenmorangie 12). Cranked away on the code for a while, and, after a 2nd scotch (uh oh, feeling buzzed, what’s this going to do to my code?) finally beat the computer into doing what I wanted it to do. And hey, Pablo is online! Turns out he’s been up working on his cool new website. Now. If I could only figure out where the heck the workout entries went 🙂

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