Old and new. I bought the recycled Flowfold wallet 3, maybe 4 years ago. It finally wore out and I bought a new one. Price has gone up, I think it was $15 originally. Great wallet.

This is how to design a simple product. No frills.

December Challenge – uh oh…


So far it’s been fairly hit or miss. I was traveling for work and that is never easy. Although I kept food fairly good I wasn’t great. And somehow when I got home I had a touch of a cold and am craving comfort food. Comfort food for me typically means chicken noodle soup with saltines, ham sandwiches, and of course a single trip to Jersey Mike’s for a #2, Mike’s way.

So back at it. Today has been pretty solid for the most part.

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December Challenge – 50g of carbs or less daily

Last year in December I tried to hit “keto”. For me this is something like 37g net carbs daily. Which isn’t a lot. An apple and a tomato and bam! over. Even innocuous things like peanuts can really get you.

But… when I tried for 3 weeks last year I got leaner. I felt better. I dealt better with travel stress. I consumed less bad food. A lot of folks asked “isn’t that hard during the holidays?” And it was. But then again it’s hard every month and this is the month that is the darkest, dreariest, and the time when I best could use a bit of a reset before the dreaded January resolutions.

So here we go, my goal is 50g or less, ideally 37g, and I will track and post as best I can throughout this holiday month. Check back for progress.

(aside: 50g yesterday, about 60g today as I had a bun with my hamburger but otherwise was solid today).

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Dehydrated Snow

Well then… just like snow, just add water.

50% of the horsemen are upon us

Clearly Christmas is nigh as 2/4 of the horsemen of Christmas have arrived:

1. Tom & Jerry’s arrived (Burke/Steckler family tradition which started with Bill and Sharon’s parents originally so it has legs)
2. Fairytale of New York (best Christmas song ever, fight me) was played, officially kicking off Christmas music time.

We are halfway there. When the 3rd and 4th horsemen appear, we will have Christmas. I might struggle a bit with the theology of this whole thing but I am fairly confident this is in the Bible somewhere in Revelations. Or Luke maybe. Or perhaps Leviticus. It’s kind of a long read.

For those who cannot wait, the next horsemen are
3. The arrival of elves on December 1st.
4. Someone, somewhere, will have some sort of family drama which is not very important or interesting but will shine like the star that led the Magi to the stable (metaphorically). And like the Magi and the stable we will never hear about it again (honestly, what happened to those guys, Balthazar, Melchior, and Gaspar anyway??)

Lo! the horsemen of Christmas are upon us!


9 years ago – the world’s best galette

This crepe stand was on Avenue President Wilson during market days. They made savory crepe (galette) and they were wonderful. But they were not only wonderful the entire ambiance was right – standing outside on a blustery day, peaking at the Eiffel Tower in the background, having a cold bottle of cider from Normandy.

I often wonder if these folks are still there and still working; they were close to retirement age 9 years ago it seemed.

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11 years ago – Paolo trying to invite me to his wedding I think

Hard to remember as Facebook has apparently lost the geo-tag information that I was using at the time. I *think* I was living in France at the time. Unsure though. Or was this the time Paolo and Roxie came to visit us in Paris?

This is the problem with old memories – they often leave me pondering what it was I was trying to recall.

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